Food And Beverage Conveyor For Coffee Shop

The Onyx Coffee Lab is located within The Momentary, a new contemporary art space satellite to Sam Walton’s Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art located in downtown Bentonville, Arkansas. The Momentary has visual and performing arts, culinary experiences, festivals, artists-in-residence, and many more experiences in store for visitors from far and wide. One of the culinary venues is The Onyx Coffee Lab, which features a lean, sleek and chic architectural design and layout. The unique highlight of the coffee shop design is the SmartMove® food conveyor system which is a throwback to an old systems method from the 1950’s, brought back to the 21st Century.  When it comes to processing orders, this innovation solution for delivering food and beverage items to customers, from a distance has been in operation for several years.

no spill beverage food conveyor system with roller top belting


​The project was designed by Bradley Edwards Architecture and designed by Bradley Edwards. TheOnyx Coffee Lab took this 1950’s era idea to a new level, creating an effective coffee ordering system that delivers orders from behind a wall through and out to the customer.  From design to installation AMA Engineering -SmartMove® Conveyor, LLC  was there to brainstorm conveyor design, testing and final project support for this very impressive Onyx Coffee Lab conveyor.


Due to impact of COVID-19 restrictions regarding person to person contact, SmartMove® Conveyor is now manufacturing these food and beverage items for food service industry establishments across the USA. Watch the video below to see this no spill beverage delivery conveyor system in action:


The Barista coffee gathers the entire order and makes the coffee. She then  pushes a button for the coffee, food or other beverages to be conveyed on a zero gravity SmartMove® Conveyor belt.  The orders cue smoothly with no spill due to the accumulating belt with end plate. The deep set rollers inside the belting allow the food trays to glide with no jerking movement at stop, start or in motion. The trays accumulate in the order they were received.  The coffee bar is set at ergonomic height so customers can take away orders with out bending down. ​

See more Smartmove® food conveyor systems in action.

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