Packaging Conveyor System That Counts And Stacks

Stacking counting conveyor that shingles items for packaging

Counted And Stacked For Packaging

Depending on your application Smartmove®​ offers many different ways to count and stack items. Manual counting can create havoc in production packaging. Your customer expects the correct count and the monotonous job of manually counting most always creates errors. Let Smartmove®​ count your production goods safely, accurately and efficiently.

Once items are counted in stacks for staging, packers can easily position set counted items accordingly. SmartMove®​ Conveyors can also box them as well. Click here to see Box Filler options.

SmartMove® Conveyors are modular, custom engineered to order and built to last. If you’d like to automate your workflow to increase productivity while lowering operating costs, give us a call at 1-800-581-2876 or click here to start the custom conveyor order process now.

Click here to see all conveyor system types manufactured by Smartmove®

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