Accumulation Packaging Conveyor With Gate

Food packaging conveyor with accumulation and lift gate

Accumulation conveyor keeps work flow moving without any hang ups. Workers can assemble and also push boxes back without any pinch points. Keep your assembly work flowing with an Accumulation Conveyor by SmartMove®. Our smart conveyors gain headway in production by keeping this line moving. The easy and safe Gate Conveyor allows workers to move in and out of the packing area with ease. 2 fingers easily lift the gate conveyor up  and then back down again to restart the line.

Food Conveyor – Clean Line

SmartMove® systems, meet FDA standards. Materials and surfaces are washable making this a clean line conveyor system Our lightweight, portable modular conveyors allow mixing and matching of other features like dual lane, 90 degree turn, incline, decline, diversion, sorting, counting and indexing. Let SmartMove® automate your packaging line operation today. SmartMove® Conveyors are the best available systems for food and material handling jobs. ​Call 1-800-581-2876 or click here to order now.

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