Washable Z X Elevator Conveyor System

This little SmartMove® conveyor’s unique proprietary anodized aluminum frame is like no other. The special long-line design does not allow parts to get caught in the frame. The belting rides inside the frame not on top of the frame like it’s not so clever competitors. The ZX conveyor frame design does not allow for the belt to sag on the underside or jump off the sprockets. The Elevator Conveyor’s sprockets or cogs fit perfectly in the underside belting grooves to pull the belt smoothly without a snag. All of the motors and controls are tucked away in a water proof box. The operator controls the Smart Conveyor with an on/off button. Flights or cleats can be placed anywhere to allow your product to flow up and over. SmartMove® being the leader in the industry design is clean, efficient and smooth and is used for all applications. The FDA approved materials allow for an easy washdown and a safe conveyance.

Elevator conveyor with adjustable flights
portable, movable anodized aluminium frame conveyor

Elevator - packaging conveyor system for filling boxes

custom built aluminum hopper for elevator packaging conveyor


Watch this SmartMove® ZX conveyor in action:

​Get a ​SmartMove® Z, X or Elevator or Incline Conveyor system to automate your  work flow processes. Call: 800.581.2876 or click here to order your SmartMove® Conveyor system now.

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