SmartMove® Modular Conveyors - Robot Interface Systems

pick place robot interface with modular conveyor

Plug & Play, Customized Modular Conveyor

This high speed pick and place Kawasaki robot is interfaced with a plug and play modular conveyor system custom built by SmartMove®. The conveyor runs on 110 vac, using less than 3 amps. Modular qualities allow for reconfiguration of conveyor units to be longer or shorter.

Dry Contacts Allow For Universal Interface

Pick and place is no challenge for a robot- however, the SmartMove® Conveyors dry contacts allow for interfacing on most every piece of equipment. The encoder within the control package is the easiest way to index. No need for photo sensor eyes when interfacing SmartMove® with machinery. Every SmartMove® system is so modular it can be cut down to size or lengthened at a later stage. When thinking about the convenience of modular & easy interface- remember SmartMove®.

Watch the SmartMove® modular conveyor keep pace with the high speed robot:

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