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SmartMove Workstation Conveyors feature a unique system of Inline Countertops and adjustable Sideshelves which improve productivity. Working “on-the-line” saves space while improving work flow automation.

Working In-Line With Conveyor Countertops

If your products are being transferred from conveyors to tables for in-line processing, you may be able to improve your productivity by eliminating the transfer time with in-line countertops. Our sturdy workstation quality countertops are supported by the conveyor guard rails and easily adjust to different locations along the conveyor line. Products can accumulate at each countertop to provide easy and quick access for processing. In-line workstations have built-in buffering by holding material between stations with low-pressure accumulation until they are ready to be processed

No installation is required, as the countertops simply “sit” on the conveyor and adjust to position by sliding along the conveyor guard rails. They are available in widths of 18″ and 24″ and overhang 3″ on each side of the conveyor.

Side Support Shelves

Attaching shelves to the sides of the conveyor is a great way to provide space to store of process material moving on the line. With or without countertops, these easy to install shelves mount to the “T” slots of the Smartmove conveyor sideframes flush to the top of belt height. Shelves are available in 18″ or 24″ wide and come in widths of 8″ and 12″. Shelves can be mounted flush to each other for increased continuous shelf requirements. (Note: The shelf cannot mount where the motor and control box are located.)

Safety Considerations

We recommend securing the stands to the floor when using side support shelves. We do not recommend using casters on systems with attached shelves unless they are 12″ or wider as there is an increased risk of tip-over. Shelves are not recommended for sitting on.

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