Box Filling Counting Conveyor - Z Frame

Z Conveyor System

This Smartmove® Z conveyor outfeed system collects the parts from the dispensing machine, singulates, counts & places set count into empty boxes. The combined system automates while taking 6 assembly workers off the line.

Box Filler

Indexing conveyor moves empty box into position, once box is filled with set amount, the filled box is conveyed out of the way allowing the next empty box to be filled with set amount of product.

Saves on Labor

This system eliminates the need for extra hands, as it allows for unattended operation while boxes are filled by count. This saves on labor while also increasing efficiency as it eliminates miscounts. The Z configuration also saves on floor space.

Packaging Processes Automated

Our modular conveyors can be custom designed to handle complex packaging processes. Smartmove® systems can also  incorporate other processes like indexing, shingling, singulating or aligning the orientation of items for packaging.

Smartmove® Conveyors are shipped out FAST and arrive at your facility plug & play ready. Call: 800.581.2876 for more information or click here now to inquire.

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