Batch Counting Conveyor System With Shingling For Packaging

infrared counter with bracket

This conveyor system is used for counting batches of items for packaging. The system queues items inline into batches. The adjustable lane guide bracket easily accommodates packets of varying sizes. The counter can be programmed to batch any number of items. The sensor stops the conveyor from running again until more incoming packets are detected. Counting conveyors eliminate costly errors like miscounts.Smartmove® will custom engineer a system that will batch count, shingle and singulate items. Features include:

  • 90 degree turn
  • Adjustable guide rail/bracket
  • Infra red item counter
  • Photo eye sensor
  • E stop
  • Variable speed motor
  • Counting
  • Shingling
  • ​Adjustable separation
  • Automated counting
  • Accumulation

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