Singulating Counting Conveyor For Blister Packaging

Blister pack counting conveyor
box filler conveyor for blister packaging


Bulk blister packs disperse from machine onto conveyor, which then feeds to a 90 degree turn conveyor section. Items are then singulated into a one at a time line. This allows the blister packs to then land directly, one by one into the awaiting empty box. The counter is placed at the end of the last conveyor to confirm unit count.

SmartMove singulation box filler conveyor systems are perfect for medical or food industry packaging operations. Our systems can index and queue items inline into batches, to then be counted and stacked. Variable speed motors facilitate timing, while photo eye sensors allow for exact counts needed for higher speed operations. Chutes, guides and all other accessories are provided with all of our modular conveyor systems. Call 1-800-581-2876 or click here to start the order process now.

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