Counting - Singulating Conveyor for Robot Interface

count singulate  conveyor system - kawasaki robot interface

Singulating Conveyor

Singulating conveyors that count improve quality control by eliminating costly errors like miscounts. This system also allows the operator to program the counter with a preset amount per box for added convenience.

box filler singulation conveyor robotic

Counting, Box Filler Conveyor System

This SmartMove® box filler conveyor combines many advanced features into one system to automate item counting, singulation and indexing.  The automated counting allows boxes to be filled much faster than humans can count items by hand. In this fast-paced, e-commerce world of high demand and rapid supply, companies that rely on humans to sort, count and package products will not be able to keep pace with the competition.

Robotic Interface

This plug and play conveyor custom built by SmartMove® interfaces with the Kawasaki robot, thanks to the dry contacts and custom modular design.

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