​Counting & Stacking Conveyor System – Shingles Items in Batches

stacking conveyor that shingles items for packaging

​SmartMove® Stacking Conveyor

Dual purpose counting, stacking or shingling SmartMove® conveyors allow the customer to choose what assembly process is most needed for his part. Two SmartMove® conveyors with a switch to select if the conveyors are to count, shingle or stack is the most multifunctional conveyor in the industry. In fact SmartMove® is the leader in the industry for it’s Counting Conveyor Machines. The automation of counting and shingling eliminates operator error when it comes to packaging. This unique conveyor can count much faster than an operator can handle. Take the labor out of your packaging. Labor costs are higher than ever… start saving your labor costs and increase your profit margins overnight by inquiring about this little modular conveyor called SmartMove®’s Counting Conveyor.

​Let SmartMove®’s Conveyor systems Count, Stack and Shingle your products today.
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