Packaging, Counting Conveyor System by Smartmove®

Fast packaging is where it’s at. This system features quality control of packages as they pass though the counter. The counter regulates the amount of items sent to each operator for inspection, then switches delivery lane to the next operator on cue.




​Adjustable guides allow for different size packages to travel upending, which can then be removed to handle larger items later.





Automated Packaging Processes

When it comes to packaging, we can easily mix and match any processes you need like counting, indexing, separating and accumulation. SmartMove® Conveyors also feature combination belting which can accommodate a variety of applications like 90 degree turns, straight long lines, multi-lane or mult- level conveyor combinations.

Our conveyor systems are light in weight, built strong and always efficient. SmartMove’s Smart Conveyors represent work flow automation first hand. Let SmartMove® save you money today, by building a custom system to your specifications and needs. Call 1-800-581-2876 or click here to have us build a custom conveyor system now.

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