Custom Counting Packaging Conveyor

Food & Drug industries are needing counting conveyors to take the labor out of the assembly line. When counting becomes monotonous, human mistakes begin to happen with final pack out counts. Decrease labor costs and errors by using the SmartMove® Counting Conveyor. SmartMove’s smart conveyors can also box for pack out. SmartMove® little conveyors do big jobs for all industries. Keep manufacturing/packaging lean by decreasing the production time and increasing productivity.

custom counting packaging conveyor system

SmartMove® Conveyors come with dry contacts and have the capability to interface while keeping pace with your  machine, sealer, box erector or robot. Pharmaceuticals, food and packaging industries have always found SmartMove® Conveyor Counting Systems to be the most useful on the line. Every process and product needs a count, whether it be batch counting or individual pieces for final order fulfillment.

custom counting packaging conveyor

Watch it work:

​Custom Engineered SmartMove® Conveyors

Describe your process and challenges that need to be overcome, then let SmartMove’s engineering team custom build a Counting Conveyor system that will decrease your labor costs while improving packaging line speed. Call 1-800-581-2876 or click here to order your SmartMove® Conveyor now.

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