SmartMove® Multi-Lane Conveyors - Accumulation - Carousel

Long, Short, Little and the Best – Multi-Functional Efficient
Modular Conveyor on the Market Today

SmartMove®  Multi-Lane Conveyors – two separate belts- two motors come in all shapes and sizes. A Carousel Conveyor is one that brings the product continuously around. Two motors are necessary with corner turns. It is used for assembly or accumulation or even curing applications. When your product takes time to assemble but space is limited this is the Multi-Lane Conveyor for you. ​

Multi-Lane Conveyors – One Motor – One Belt!

Lane Divider kits with a gantry system is commonly used for robot interface and are plug and play for the accumulation of an application. The lane dividers can be removed or added to keep the application separated while accumulating. ​

Multi-Lane Conveyors – Two Separate Belts – 1 Motor

This long line or little conveyor is also used for accumulation or assembly however, both belts travel at the same speed. The lane separator creates two separate work areas but both operators must work at the same speed in order to keep work rhythm.

Watch All 3 Systems work:

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