Automated Carousel Conveyor Interfaced With Kawasaki Robot

This Automated Carousel Conveyor System from SmartMove® interfaces with a Kawasaki robot. This conveyor is perfectly synchronized to the robot which facilitates a true “lights out” operation.

The little conveyor featured in this video can be used to accumulate for cooling, assembling or used as a return conveyor for parts. Both sides equal in width or not. Each lane can run at different speeds if necessary. The carousel conveyor easily interfaces with robots due to dry contacts and easy plug ins. The Yellow ESD belting is Snap Link which makes for easy access to lengthen, shorten or replace small sections. Robot interface is a breeze with SmartMove® Conveyors but isn’t necessary for most automation processes.

SmartMove® robotic automation conveyors eliminate the possibility of human error in certain operations that require great precision or high speed repetition of motion.

Robotic Interface System Experts

SmartMove® custom modular conveyors are individually engineered with the accessories needed to adapt perfectly to a robotic manufacturing, assembly or packaging process.Typical uses of SmartMove® Conveyors with robotic systems include:

  • Infeed
  • Accumulation
  • Outfeed
  • Pick & Place
  • Parts Return
  • Carousel (recirculating)
  • Indexing
  • Packaging
  • Assembly​​
  • Cooling
  • Sorting
  • Counting
  • Orientation Change

To order your SmartMove® robotic interface system, call us now at: 800.581.2876 now or click here to get an online quote.

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