SmartMove® Carousel Parts Return Conveyor With Pneumatic Arm

A carousel conveyor is typically used for assembly and quality control. Once items are assembled, they continue around for inspection, to then be removed from the belting surface. This configuration is ideal when you need to keep product moving continuously without exiting the conveying surface, especially in the automotive, medical, food and electronics industries. SmartMove’s clean, quiet, efficient plastic snap chain belt systems convey without a snag. The self lubricating belt eliminates the need for maintenance. Continuous flow conveyors allows you to perform a wide range of activities like cooling, drying, accumulating and sorting.

As a carousel system allows products to go around and around, it works great for pick & place applications. If an item or part is not picked the first time, it continues to go around until picked up on the next revolution. Carousel conveyors systems are also used as a work station, to return bins which are filled and then emptied by different workers on the same packaging line. Let SmartMove design your custom carousel conveyor system, click here to order or call 800.581.2876 now.

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