Conveyor With Locking Casters - Lag Down

Locking Caster Conveyor With Lag Down Bolts

What’s different about these SmartMove® Conveyors? They create a 90 degree turn but all run independently. This customer needed to change up the line frequently for each line that he ran. All of these sections are on locking casters, so they can roll into position creating different flow lines. The conveyors also run backwards if necessary. Watch video below to see a demonstration of how we lag down and lock together inter-changeable modular conveyor system sections.

NOTE: Small modular conveyor sections can be fit together to make long lines.

Modular Conveyor Manufacturing Expertise

Modular designed, aluminum frame plastic chain belt conveyors ​are the most cost effective solution for material handling. The flexibility of configurations for SmartMove® Conveyors allow you to mix and match modules and sections to create a simple horizontal conveyor, 90 degree turn, short or long line system. The strong, lightweight plastic chain belting can handle heavy loads moving at high speeds. Our ability to mix and match custom engineered conveyor components from start to finish, allows for fast design so we can manufacture your new system to order quickly. Our modular conveyor systems can be broken down into different conveyor lines as your process changes. Straight lines quickly break down into 90 degree turns.

Make The Smartmove®​

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