Over-Under Robot Interface Conveyor with Adjustable Lanes

over under robotic conveyor lane guides

Adjustable Lane Dividers

Over-Under Robot Interface Conveyors come in all shapes and sizes. The Robot picks the part from the lane divider when the CNC process is complete the robot places the part on the lower unit. The pick and place operation is done easily with a robot for a lights out 12 to 14 hour run. Jog buttons are placed on each unit for operator interrupt.

over under robotic interface conveyor system

Automation Conveyors

The use of robot and machine conveyors to interface with automation cells is increasing. As the search for operators becomes more challenging and production demands rise, it’s essential for everyone to embrace conveyance automation and lean manufacturing practices. SmartMove® Automation Conveyors have always been ahead of the curve and are now even more critical as the automation train speeds up. Companies that recognize the importance of investing in automation conveyors are able to increase operating efficiencies while reducing labor costs. Businesses that rely on manual labor to count, sort, and package products will fall behind in this fast-paced, high-demand e-commerce society. SmartMove® Conveyors offer the best conveyor-automation interface capability by far.

“Lights Out Operation” Smart Conveyors

Call out the length, width, height and clearance between the two conveyors along with the number of lane dividers and SmartMove® Conveyors will interface with your robot for a “Lights-Out” operation. ​

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