U Configuration SmartMove® Soft Accumulation Conveyor

Dual- Long Line- Accumulation Industrial Assembly Conveyor

  • Both conveyors lifted simultaneously with pneumatics. (pneumatic lift eliminates humans from lifting the heavy part)
  • Large end pnematic end stops. (foot pedal stops then releases product)
  • Rollers top belting (accumulation of product without jam or overflow)

​The U configuration easily conveys heavy items without the need for a wider, heavier or more expensive conveyor system.

Efficient, Lightweight, Maintenance Free Conveyors

SmartMove® Conveyors will help you automate your work flow with our efficient lightweight, modular systems. You can  add new sections to perform new processes as your business grows. To order your clean, maintenance free, low amperage, efficient conveyor, click here now or call: 800.581.2876.

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