SmartMove® Large Item Work Surface Conveyor

This SmartMove® modular system features a wide surface area which easily handles large items. The variable speed motor with heavy duty plastic chain conveyor belting moves heavy items along while the large end stop facilitates easy off loading. The foot pedal switch can stop and start conveyed items anywhere along the line, as needed. SmartMove® Conveyors convey very heavy material without the need to build a huge system. Our efficient, lightweight, clean, low amperage, maintenance free conveyors will grow with your business.

Every SmartMove® Conveyor is custom manufactured to order. Our systems easily integrate with Robotics and CNC machinery. Specialized SmartMove® heavy duty custom conveyor belting with automation design allows weighty items to be gripped and moved along the conveyor surface. Click here now to get started with an online quote, or call: 800-581-2876.

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