​Counting Stacking Pharmacy – Medical Industry Conveyor System

Pharmacy Counting Conveyors are in high demand during this Covid-19 Pandemic. The need for increased social distancing and a decreased number of operators has been on the rise. Automation Conveyors, Clean Conveyors, Medical Industry Conveyors and Pharmaceutical Conveyors allow facilities to operate at a minimal cost. Keeping it made in America is on the rise but in order to do so we must operate smarter not harder.

SmartMove® Pharmacy and Medical Conveyors make counting and stacking your production line simple and safe. FDA approved materials allow for this Clean Conveyor to do its job safely. A no dust or grease motor is just right for a clean environment while the quiet, efficient motor drawing less than 3 amps allows for this system to run 24/7.

This Little Conveyor is at a 90 degree angle to the Exit Conveyor. The count is set by the operator, the second conveyor is indexing after reaching the exact count. The final count is placed into a packout box, taped and shipped. The SmartMove® Double Conveyor system continues to keep the Covid-19 Shields counted and stacked throughout the entire process.

​Let SmartMove’s Medical Conveyor systems Count and Stack your pharmaceuticals  today.
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