Medical Conveyor - ​Multi Level Pharmaceutical Fulfillment System

Medical Conveyors

These multi-level clean pharmaceutical conveyors convey medical supplies and equipment. This fulfillment system is used frequently by food and drug industries.It delivers a clean, quiet conveyance solution that is most convenient for employees. Rather than have employees walking with trays to each station the bins are delivered to the techs work station for approval and coding. This quiet, efficient smart conveyor system draws less than 2 amps. The bottom conveyor is used as a bin return. The chute is a convenient way load the return conveyor without bending or twisting. Beautiful solid surfaces are durable, easy to clean & slightly raised above the conveyor belt for an ergonomic tote push. The system delivers an impressive work presence & proves to be an effective increase of production in any work setting. SmartMove® Conveyors medical grade clean systems allow for the efficient packaging of orders for fulfillment shipments.

Features include:

  • 90 Degree Turn
  • Little to No Maintenance
  • Cut Out Work Stations
  • Multi- Level – Long Lines
  • ​Return Chute Accessory

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