Count And Stack Singulation - Shingling Conveyor

indexing counting shingling conveyor for packets

Dual Function Automation Conveyor System

Packets are counted as they come out of the sealing machine on the counting conveyor system at 80 feet per min. The packets are counted, shingled and then spaced after the count is reached. The SmartMove® indexing conveyor accelerates to create an appropriate space so packers can stage the packets.

When every application is different, SmartMove® conveyors lead the industry for customization. Using standard SmartMove® components, this little conveyor does the big jobs.

Singulation And Shingling​​

SmartMove’s shingling conveyor systems can be configured to index, count and stack items of all sizes for packaging. Our automated material handling conveyor systems improve quality control dramatically by eliminating human errors like costly miscounts.

Let SmartMove count, singulate, stack and pack your packages today. Our customers in the material handling, medical, automotive, food & drug industries consider SmartMove Conveyors to be the best conveyors for job. ​Call 1-800-581-2876 or click here to order now.

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